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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dead Lead Night

We had quite a pile of stuff at the Game Castle last night. Don sold a Warmachine army that has been collecting dust in his closet for 5 years. Rob made a deal on his Uncharted Seas fleet. Harry sold a bolt action army. I was able to unload part of my unused Russian force. Luke got a good start on a Russian Army with the Armor and heavy AA guns he picked up from me and Don.  I got some Panzer IV(H)s and a twelfth StuG as well as a few truck.  I walked away with some good miniatures at a very reasonable price, and have a nice chunk of store credit in my pocket.

Thanks to Game Castle for hosting this event I hope it worked out for them.

After the trading was done Luke and I played a game him taking my 7th Armored division while I used my StuG Battery list.  we had quite a fight going when we had to wrap up because the store was closing. Pictures are proving problematic at the moment but I will post them latter.