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Monday, November 5, 2012

StuG Battery Vs. US Infantry Free for all at the Whiz

This Sunday my opponent was a new player, Tyler, he had played FOW a few years ago but taken a break so he wanted to get back into the game. We did a free for all at 1500 points to keep things simple.  He borrowed some Artillery and infantry from me to flesh out his list.

 My plan was to launch an attlack across the open area on my right and center hoping to bring pressure on both ides of the Chateau next to one of Tyler's objectives. my infantry would use the fields as cover. 
Figure eye view, dice mark occupied houses.
 Tyler launched his own attack sending Stewart tanks and two platoons of infantery into the village on my left.  I had a Sturm platoon in the buildings that I hoped would be enough.
in the back you can see I got one Stewart before the advance got started.
 Tyler brought his 105s to bear on my 2nd StuG Platoon fortunately he got no hits in this case. 
 My StuGs push froward with the infantry on the right taking out 105s. 
 In the center we kill another Stewart and my 2cm Flak guns move up to bring the infantry under fire.
Tyler over looking the battle field. Several other in the background
 Heavy mortars pin Tyler's weapon platoon and the two surviving StuGs of the 2nd Platoon launch an assualt. the Belgit tank riders really prove worthwhile in this fight. The American platoon is elimiated and the StuGs flank the Chateau
 Tyler tries to break my infantry with mortars on the right and by multiple assaults on the left. Sadly for him both efforts fail. Assaulting unpinned MG teams is deadly.
 I launch my own assault and take the chateau.  With StuGs ready to pounce on his decimated platoon Tyler opts to concede.  This was a good game and I hope to see Tyler again across the table.