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Thursday, November 22, 2012

StuG Battery vs 7th Armor

As I mentioned Luke and I started on a game Tuesday though we did not get a chance to finish.
 Luke has learned a lot about tactics since I started gaming with him (ok the Marine's may have thaught him a thing or two as well). He sent light tanks and a platoon Shermans backed upt with is 2iC Jumbo on a flanking run at my left.  While he had infantry and another armor platoon with a Jumbo at the village to keep me pinned down there.
He got one of my two Nachors giving me only one gun that chould kill a Jumbo.
 Infantry and recon push in on my Stum Platoon.  Luke thought about assulting but wisely decided to dig in and try and wittle me down.
 I got a lucking break killing one of the Jumbos.
 On the left I had gotten one of the two Easy 8 Shermans... but Luke got even...
 Killing one StuG and bailing out two more (I as having really bad luck with remount rolls).
 In the center infantry of both sides were proving very poor at killing each other even with Mortars and Artillery helping out.
Luke had a good push going over here it was a race to see if I could get the Tigers and Nachorn there in time to stop him. The store had to close so we never got it find out.