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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bring out your dead! (lead) to Game Castle

Game Castle in Londondery NH is hosting a Dead Lead day next Tuesday November 20th 2012.
Here is what I am bringing, open to all offers.

 25mm Old Glory War of the Roses (their might some odds and ends in here)
 15MM Old Glory Command Decision American rifle men.
 25/28mm Vikings I believe these are Back Tree.
 Old Glory Continentals in uniform with cocked hat.
 Old Glory Continentals in Hunting shirts with 'soft hats'
 Seven Years War British Horse Grenadiers
  Seven Years War British Dragoons.
 15MM Old Glory Command Decision Russian Tank riders and HMG Teams.

 Some left over Battle front Russians
 15mm Austrian Grenzers, Seven years war but uniforms would also work for Early Napoleonics.
 15mm Old Glory Russian Sailors.

 Same as above but these are painted and based.
A grab bag of Continental soldiers from old glory.