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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Challenge Entry: Warriors of the White Willow.

I think this is my first true Unit of the challenge. These are some old Heritage Miniatures that I picked up $2.00 to a pack at the Huzzah yard sale last spring. I have done them up for Dragon Rampant as the warriors of the white willow. I hand painted the shields with what I hoped would look like a stylised white tree... you be the judge (if it looks a little like a scary face that works too)

They are identified by Heritage as "late Byzantines" though how accurate that is I don't know Two handed axes aren't something I associate with Rome or its successor state I do vaguely recall the Byzantine emperors hiring Norse Mercenaries so maybe that is the inspiration. My guess is the shield would be used on the defence with that short sword and the axe used on the offencive (though using it with that shield slung on my shoulder could be awkward.

Still these seven fellows (there were 8 to a box but I used one for another project) do make a formidable looking group that should serve well in fantasy or historical games. They are 25mm scale so another 35 points.