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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Challenge Entry Pirate Ladies

I'm Changing Gears and posting items from the Challenge here for my readers, but don't forget to look at the Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge to see all the great entries there. 

I got these ladies from Brigade Games because I knew I wanted at lease one for a special project and the rest will be great for En Garde (which comes out the same day as this post) These two are sword wielding women. The Lady on the left gives me the impression of a woman of some means who also knows how to fence (more of them did then you might think).

The Lady on the right is clearly one who has taken up arms as a profession, pirate or soldier of fortune. She even has the slashed sleeve popular among the landsknecht and other soldiers of late 16th and early 17th century.

This next lass makes me think of a Gypsy and duel wields a pair of pistols. I feel like there ought to be a dagger or something in her sash but maybe she has one hidden in one of those books.

I built the bases myself using some craft sticks to make them look like they were on ships deck or possibly the hard wood floor or of a building.

I think she'll be a great figure for a sidekick or maybe spy in En Garde (I have no idea if these are troop types in the game but I'm imagining form swashbuckling stories)

Another civilian lady that has taken up arms in defence. She looks a little nervous but determined

I went with all blue tones for her it just seemed to be the right look. I also felt it was appropriate to paint her as someone of African descent as they abound in the Caribbean. Clearly she is a free woman and one who has done well for herself.

I also designed this base using some plastic brick pieces I has gotten from the Craft store