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Friday, January 15, 2016

Find the lost youth

A young woman has vanished into Frostgrave Thinneth has entered with here war band to find the lost youth but a band of the Lizard Mage are here as well... and lord only know why they want to find the young woman. (the young woman is a random treasure token) This was a scenario Mike sort of made up on the fly but it added a narative structure to the game.
We carefully enter the part of the city the young lady is said to be in.
The Lizard Mage has initiative(I lost every initiative roll this game) and drops fog to screen his men
Caltha Harfoot secures the first token...
and a zombie stumbles into Thinneth's vicinity (note Mikes cool new hp tracker)

Hagman sneaks into a good shooting position.. but the Lizardman will move away before he can take the shot. 
guess I have to kill the Zombie 
Mike leaps his knight up to menace Arnulf the ranger... Thinneth tries an elemental bolt but the spell fizzles...
The Lizard apprentice and his human allies secure a treasure token
Samo finds the young woman trussed up by the spooky old well.
Arnulf fires and hits the lizard knight but the his armor absorbs the blow... Arnulf isn't a fool he drops down to get help!
Aelric moves up to threaten the lizard bowman..
More undead join the party.
We engage Aelric gets in a first good blow...
Martel with his newly enchanted hammer...
Takes down the human ally of the Lizard Mage
This time the lizard wins the throw Aelric is only saved by his magic armor...
but Hagman now takes a shot and downs the Lizard Aelric retreets to cover.
Martel and Ap Rosser engage the lizard mage's ranger but do not kill him and the last token is then carried off the board ending the game.
My war hound had a quiet game this was a close as he got to a fight sniffing out the Lizard Apprentice as the game ended.  Mike closed himself out of much of the board with his fog spells and Thinneth got tied down for two turns killing the Zombie though she did kill that large lizard knight when he leaped to into the fog and his wizard couldn't leap him out. I got a total of 310 XP enough to raise me to 32nd level.  Rescuing the lost woman gave me 100xp and I got to other treasure tokens worth 170 GC and two Grimoire giving me the spells bone dart and fools gold.