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Friday, January 8, 2016

Bonus Round

Please take a look at the Nostalgia Bonus round of the challenge.  I comemorated my old friend Frank who died five years ago.

Let me tell you about my friend Frank Marini who for many years was Porte Drapue for the Regiment Saingonte reenacting group. Frank was a great guy he always greeted me with a "Hey Adam how do doing!" that had a tone that said he really really wanted to know. And when you asked him how he was he always said "I'm Maaarvellous" (yes he drew out the a) and he meant it always. Frank had served with the USMC in Korea and won a Naval Cross (I have been told it was for holding his position during a surprise attack despite being wounded early in the exchange). After the war he left the Marines and later enlisted in the National guard and rose to the rank of Sergeant Major. He was a perfect Port Draupe for a French regiment where soldier of long experience were preferred for their coolness under fire.

That's Frank the nearest man of the color guard during ceremony marking the 225th Anniversary of the arrival of the French in Rhode Island during the American Revolution(I'm in the first line of musketeers 4 in from the right. For this project I put Frank in the Older uniform the regiment would have worn in the mid 18th century (War of Austrian Succession of Seven Years War) I did this because I had the figures in 25mm scale and as the his time with the regiment now seems like it comes from a different era.

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