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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Challenge Day 19 Some of my Favorites so far

I've been painting a little each day, making steady progress I should have one or two small entries ready for Monday.  I will be away for a business trip starting Saturday through Monday night so the larger projects will have to wait for the 18th.  If you haven't already done it you should all check out the Nostalgia bonus round here.

My entry is a tribute to my old friend Frank Mariani a reenactor who was Regiment Saintonge's Porte Drapue Please give me a boat if you like it.  As I don't have any work of my own I want to share some of my favorite entries form the challenge so far.
First up is an excellent piece (one of many) from Brendon who is know on the web as "The Kiwi" New troops for the Baron of Bacon and Beer.
You should also take a look at Alan and his Saga: Scots with hand painted shields. 
Aaron and is fine ECW regiment is stunning in green
We also have some very fine Great War French they look absolutely gorgeous, and were painted by Byron. 
I couldn't post this with out mentioning our front runner Martin and his Zulus who has already passed 1000 points! 
Last of all we have out crazed master of ceremonies Curt. Curt doesn't paint as much as some of the participants but I always find what he puts forward very interesting as is the case with this interesting Renissance era gun.