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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Challenge Entry: 3 Monsters (Post #1000)

Before we get to the main post I want to take a moment to note that this is my 1000th post on this blog.  I feel this should be noted in some way but I am unsure how.  Maybe I'll give away a prize, other people seem to do that. Keep your Eyes out early next week for an anouchement on how I will mark this event. 
First up we have a snow troll which is actually the Reaper cave troll and its not quite the harry beast described in the book but few people seem to make harry troll miniatures so his blueish white skin tone will have to do.
The darker blue lumps I think those are supposed to be boils filled with puss and blood. I made them darker blue... frozen puss and blood? Sometimes its just best to go with the fantasy setting and not think too much about it.
Next up is a Wraith knight a new creature from the Litch Lord expansion. Its another reaper model though I forget which one. Again doing undead that are incorporeal is a challenge but as this guy seemed more solid I did his, weapon, armor and scull as if they were solid.
But the cloak and robs as if they were less so and more ethereal.. or that is what I was going for.
Finally we have a non-frosgrave figure Reapers Young Fire dragon. I painted this (the first of several) guy for my gaming friend Chris Rett who needs monsters for his kid friendly "monster hunt" Game at Huzzah. As the kids will get to keep what they kill we need lots of monsters and I was happy to help out with the painting. 
I used three sades of red in total, and buff for the spines and a black wash as it just seemed like a better choice than a brown one.