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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Challenge Entry: Chinese Wizards for Frosgrave

So one of the many awesome things about Frostgrave is you can use figures from anywhere. So I am turning my Watchful Studios figures into a Chinese (probably pan-Asian when its done) Warband. 

These three will be the core of my Chinese Warband. I have kept the basing free of snow so they can be used in other games where snow might not fit.

First up is the general who I will uses as my wizard (or apprentice). I like the striding forward drawing a weapon stance of the figure

These are more genteel figure persons so I have kept them cleaner than I normally do going very light on the washes or omitting them entirely.

Next we have the female general Huang Guigu based on a historic person though I have not found much about her.

I'll use her as my apprentice (or maybe wizard I haven't decided which of these will take the lead yet). I made here colors similar but brighter.

Then we have the Sword Master a great figure who you could use in a number of games even modern martial arts games in a pinch. I love how the blue pops on his back robe.

For now he'll use the Treasure Hunter template from Frostgrave but he'll be an excellent captain for this warband when that option out withe the "Sell Sword" expansion latter this month.