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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Challenge Entry: Orinoco's Paraguayan Infantry

I won these last year for participating in the challenge and when I decided to do the challenge again I felt I should paint up at least some of these fine miniatures from Orinoco Miniatures I knew nothing about the Chaco Wars and I suspect many of you don't know much about them either. All I had to go on was some pictures I found on the web and a couple of shots form Osprey (which I don't own). 
These are Paraguayan Infantry, I don't know that I got the uniform right it looked blue gray a bit like the french uniforms of World War II so that is what I went with (though later images I have seen since getting started make it look more gray green)
I like the look of these the uniform is practical and looks comfortable (as uniforms go)
The hat looks like something I see fishermen wearing in old pictures (as a Nova Scotian I know that these are called Sou'westers and I own a traditional old cloth one)
I don't have any specific plans on how to use these guys. 
I don't see a Chaco Wars game being too popular here but I may find some other use for these guys. 
I've thought form the beginning they would make great guerrillas troops. 
They might work as soldiers or sailors in any pulp game
These are great sculpts and I really wish I had a project I could get excited about using them in..
I did these because I feel if you offer us free stuff to for painting figures you ought to get your figures painted and shown off in the challenge. I'm out othings to say about these though the book the Green Hell has been suggested to me for those who want to know more about this conflict.