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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Epic Fail: Two sisters with Clueless parrents

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So unless you've been under a rock you probably haven't been able to avoid Disney movie Called Frozen this is especially true if you have kids, friends with kids etc. If you haven't its the story of two sisters one of whom has magical powers that she has shaky control over. There is an accident the other child is almost killed and the parents over react isolating her form everyone(and ignoring her desperate need to learn how to use her magic) and after they die her powers overwhelm her and she start the next ice age. All in all its a pretty epic fail of parenting. 
As it turns out Northstar has two figures that are dead ringers for the girls form the movie the claim the girls are Fire Elementalists clearly trying to distract us from the resemblance... but failing epically. When I saw them I saw the chance to create a Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice for some kid Friendly convention game where some young lady would get a kick out of playing them. Also had an idea for how tho paint them that would wither look epic or fail in epic fashion and so I had my entry for this bonus round. 
I tried to stick to the colors from the movie to the extent I could Elsa's outfit is very sparkly so after painting the dress sleeves and corset I mixed glossy enamel and embossing powder together and brushed them on. I was worried this would look bad and/or destroy my brush but I am happy to say it didn't (I think the pictures at the top came out better). 
You can see the sparkles on the dress better here I left the cloak plain to avoid having too much of a good thing.
I made Anna's outfit a little more muted but the skirt is done with the same embossing powder as Elsa's corset.
I also put some sparkle in the magic energy coming out of her hand. The sharp eyed will note that this pair has individual bases for games and a magnetised base for display. 
If you haven't seen the movie don't bother unless you Really like Disney films but I do invite you to check out this clip the shows you how clueless these parents are and how it should have ended