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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Challenge Entry: Mouse Templar and Ice Spider


This is my second post from Monday another Mouseman (Dark Sword Miniatures) ready to set off for Frostgrave, I love the detail on his helmet and wish I could have gotten it to look better in the photo. He'll make an excellent Templar soldier for some war band.

Giant Ice spiders are a common creature in Frostgrave and they sort of show how horrible a place it is... not only do you have the undead, trolls, traps and other war bands to contend with but these giant 8 legged nastiest too.

I used light blue, then a wash and some dark blue for highlights note the eyes circling the head

The fangs are the only part I don't really like but I can't come up with a better look for them. This is Reaper Bones figure.