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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Special Delivery from Blacktree

I placed this small order form Blacktree as part of their year end sale and they arrived yesterday.
 In side the pack was this neat little box that I think will soon hold dice or game tokens.
A thank you note is always appreciated.
 Now the part you've been waiting for.
 These bits will soon be part of some buildings for Frosgrave I don't plan on using the bases under the doors but they could be handy.
 I had to get this pipe smoking wizard he reminds me of my imagining of Gandalf as a kid (before Ian MaKellan became Gandalf)
This elf Falconer will be a Crow master for Frostgrave I like the idea of using a Hawk or Falcon better than a crow. Hopefully I'll be getting in some Frostgrave tonight.