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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Challenge day 17

No Painting yesterday, I scrambled Sunday to get a bunch done for posting on Monday then took the night off from painting to go see Star Wars Force Awakens.  I liked it a lot, its not flawless and if I wanted to dislike it I could persuade myself to dislike it easily... but the truth is its good and I want to like it.  The movie made me laugh several times (something that was missing in the prequels) and made me sad other times. Andrew Triggs would have liked it and the movie made me feel his presence and it made me sad that he isn't around to dissect the movie with me.  One of our final conversations was about how he felt Disney would do a good job revitalizing Star Wars and he was right. I will do a more complete review latter.
Well on to the Painting! First up are Four Frostgrave Soldiers head lined by one of the Dice Bag Ladies Shield maidens.  There is also a kit bashed figure, an old Ral Partha and the official tracker from Northstar
Next up is the first of several figures I am painting from the Watchful Studios Kickstarte the Drunken Kung-Fu Master.
My final entry had the dead arising from their snowy graves as I finish of the Frograve undead encounters with the set of Zombies and Ghouls

We also have the first bonus theme round up so check them out.  Mind is above but he will get a fuller explanation latter in the week.