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Friday, January 1, 2016

Challenge Day 13 Fencing "Frogs"

I returned to my roots in this latest challenge entry doing 10 French officers and NCOs for the game En Garde! which comes out latter this month. These are men of Regiment Saintonge  as they would have appeared in the mid 18th Century.

My Nostalgia entry is in and also focuses on Regiment Saintonge but that is all I will say for now.  Several other miniatures are nearing completion and I just took delivery on 10 Pirates that I will be painting for Huzzah! con.  

The leader of this band of Jolly Cut Throats is none other than Long John Silver! Sadly no "Jim lad" in the set... Of course I could also go with this versions...
Now if I can only find a miniature for Kermit as Captain Smollett