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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hobby Bunker Game day (2) 10) WW 1 Eastern Front 2nd Masurian Lakes February, 1915

Dave Soucy had set up a game using modified Kampgroup commander rules. World War one on the Eastern front doesn't show up often on the gaming table so I wanted to give this a try.
 Cassocks guard key villages on the land bridge across the lakes
Dave gave me this neat little map the red line is the main Russian line of resistance. looking a the map and the few troops I could see on the board I decided I would use my Jagers and Ulans to attack the right most village then use the rest of my force to sweep across the lake to take the rear two villages (my mission was to capture two villages)
 The woods provide me with some cover and my Jagers have a number of HMGs to pin down the Ruddians
 off to a good start getting a good hits on the Cossacks.
 I dismounted my Ulans to make them less of a target but the Ruskies still got in some good hits.
 My advance across the ice is going well and my opponent, Tim is worried.
 I fire on the wooded Island form three sides..
 Then we start close in Jagers and Ulans both... I have decided this is the key position...

 My attack drives the infantry...
 on the left t I have started to drive back the Russian Cavalry
 The Cossacks counter attack its a hard fight...
 but we hold just barely but we hold....
 And my men clear the woods flanking the lake... Russian reinforcements arrive in the empty villages but I have an edge in numbers if only barely.  Tim starts to shift men to cover that attack
Tim had to leave early so I launch an attack on the village it is repulsed by the narrowest of margins and we wrap the game up.  I feel like if I had the time I could have managed to break my way into the village.  This was may second experience with Kamphgroup commander and I like the system, hope to get more games in in the future.