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Monday, August 11, 2014

Pools and Ponds

I worked on these Saturday afternoon because I realized that pools and ponds are one of those common terrain features that you just don't see that often. So I took some of AJ's Pre-Cut terrain templates and gave them a spray in Blue primer.
Then I a quick touch of white with a light hand. Now it doesn't quite look right... so I decided to dress the edges, please let me know what you like.
Clump-foliage, maybe a pool deep in the woods....
Stones, looks a bit like something you would find in a garden.
Mixed look this is the largest body so I tried to vary the look of the shore line, probably the one I am least satisfied with (already thinking of soaking it and starting over).
Simple mixed flock, this will be a good general purpose option, and the one I think I like the best.  Feed back is requested