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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Check Your Six (3) at 3 Trolls

This week the scenario was the attack of flight of Betty Bombers on a US air field (it might have been Chinese)
I had a two plane flight on the right wing of the US formation. John had the 4 white tails in center while Charlie had the two plane formation on the left.
 John raced ahead  at the center of the Japanese formation. I was tailing along to the right an behind hoping not to be noticed.
 Dick as you can see I did not grant me my wish.
 Though I am avoiding the massive "Fur Ball" in the center.
 My goal is to drive right at the bombers and try and take the right most with both planes all my fire power..
 Dick took down won of my planes  but one of his runs out of ammo doing so its one to one.

 Another Zero swings in from my left and gets a light hit I take out one of the Betty's engines but...
Dick takes me down!  I was able to bail out both my pilots so I have a pilot with 3 kills at this point... In total 3 bombers were knocked down and two others were damaged.