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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Propaganda Poster Objectives

These were inspired by my friend Mark and his division emblem Objectives.
You can see one of his "Indian Head" 2nd Division objectives at the bottom of the picture above. I really liked the look of these and they are flat so they don't get in the way of the game the way a lot of other objective do. So a quick search of World War II propaganda posters of the web and some large bases and glue and I was off.
This one is a US propaganda piece but the message could apply equally well to British or French troops
This is a famous poster to allied unity and could work nicely for any allied army.
Can you say Airborne?  This was clearly aimed at munitions workers but it works nicely in flames of war were Firepower tests are very important.
I was a Boy Scout growing up and the BSA was very active during the war.   I love the image of a young boy passing a sword to a young man who who looks like a really tacky version of Captain America... its very evocative of that time period to me.

OK the next set of posters are just a little bit different. If there is anyone who sees the two below and feels they cross a line, or might make players uncomfortable please let me know.

 Got to love 1940's pinup art turned to propaganda.   Good message to the troops on leave, especially once they got out of England an into the ETO. If nothing else it gives the boys something nice to look at in the Chow line.
This last one is a great picture but I'm not sure how effective this warning would be.  The temptation is to prominent compared to the warning... most likely any poor dog face fresh from the line would be willing to risk just about any thing for some quality female company.

I have some German objectives I am working on.