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Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Terrain and a peek at the work bench

A few weeks ago Dean a fellow I know through Huzzah and the Maine War Gamers group posted a number of items that he would be selling at a yard sale.  I Couldn't make it to the sale but through the magic of the Internet I made a few offers that he accepted, every body wins.
 The First is this graveyard its 15mm scale so its a good fit for my Civil War, 18th Century and World War era figures. 
 The fence is a little flimsy and is less secure than I would like but it looks good, I am keeping it for now but may change it to a stone wall at some point.
 I also got this excellent bridge.  Its a Musket Miniature, I've always thought highly of their terrain pieces and this one is the perfect size for my terrain.
I figure this will be an excellent option for a Longstreet Pontoon bridge if I need one next time I run the campaign.
 Finally the peek at the work bench.  You can see I have some Hussars and some Turkish lancers I am working on. There are also some F&I Rangers.
Also I have assembled the Polish Winged Hussars/Lancers I won two years ago at Huzzah! They were a bit "fiddly" but cam together in the end.  My only real complaint is many of the horses are attached with only two legs to their base... many of them had to straightened.  I'm not sure what I will do with these once I get them painted.