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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hobby Bunker Game Day (1) Carnage and Glory: Battle of Belmont

 I arrived at the Hobby Bunker's Game day and when I saw Richard Wallice had a game of Carnage and Glory arranged I immediately jumped in Peter game me control of the Union left flank.
 My confederate opponent Sandor is on the left and Game Master Richard is on the right.
 Rebel cavalry ride down the center...
 Both side deliver devastating volleys  the Rebels flee but the Yankees are almost as bad off .
 Rebel Cavalry chases off a 3 inch ordinance Rifle
 Peters men drive back the Rebels on the right.. my own troops follow up in the center but the men on the left are in bad shape.
 Yankee's in the rebel camp Peter starst to put it to the torch as the artillery Caissons run dry.
 It breifley look very good for the Yankees but... we are too late
Rebel troops arrive on on left.. and the end result is a Rebel victory .