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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Polish Poster Objectives

TJ saw my objective markers and indicated he would be interested in getting a set of four. Your only going to see three below because one of them is a surprise for his son.

TJ plays a Polish army so he wanted his Objectives to be appropriate for a Polish army.  I did some hunting around and found a several but suggested these two to TJ
This is to my mind the Classic propaganda image relating to Poland. It was used in the Classic World War II computer Game Hearts of Iron.  I believe it was produced by the Polish government in London to help remind the British of their support.
 I found this second on line and it was new to me. I believe it was aimed at the US and British Governments in the late war to remind us of the great contribution Poland made to the War.  Also to remind us that selling them out to the Russians would be an ignoble thing to do. (We did it any way)
 The slogan reads Poles Fight On a great message.
 The upper portion show a list of Battles in which Polish forces played a rolled.
You may be able to read them better here.
Finally TJ wanted a German Poster for "the other Guy" to use if he was short an objective. Sending these and the 4th Objective (I will show it latter I promise) latter today or tomorrow.