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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sturm fortified company Vs Indian Head

I've been trying to tweak my Fortified Sturm list and I really wanted to use the my newly painted (well one is still a work in progress) Trenches from Alien Dungeon . I've been tweaking the list with an eye toward fighting with half the platoons off the the table so naturally when Mark and I were picking a mission we rolled up Free For all!  I'm not 100% sure we did it right but I put down the trenches, we assumed that they had just been built and the rest of my force was moving in when the Americans came up.
 Mark advance aggressively using the "wood elves" ability to Truscot trot in the woods to advance in close to my newly established lines.
Oh look Captain America is here on the field (note that Captain is simply a normal 2iC).
I got a lucky early hit on my with my artillery taking out a lite tank.  That was just about all I was able to shoot at... Mark made good use of cover.
 I advanced my infantry to try an clear the woods. Mark launched an assault the initial attach was turned back but both Mark and I lost several stands
I after several turns brought my mortars up to try and dig Mark out of his woodland foxholes and then brought up more infantry.
 Mark pinned me and then assaulted me with infantry you can see Captain American facing of agians Von Red Skull, I mean Von Saucken.  
Some really good shooting drove off the infantry, and did enough damage to force a test... but Mark was not done.
He hit me with a a tank assault. but my dice were hot... I managed to bail one and destroy another in assault.. Mark had to break off his infantry broke but the Tank stayed. Marks heavy guns had been doing their work as well taking out one of my tubes but I made a number of saves on another piece that kept it in the fight.
 You can see Steve Rogers has up grades his friends to tanks... Mark emerged from the woods on the left and found himself in a cross fire of multiple HMGs and MG teams.  His savings throws were improbably bad and the entire platoons (13 stands) broke.  I didn't quite believe it an Mark certainly was not pleased.
 Artillery started doing its bit for me as I got another Sherman
 Mark got on of my AT guns and the platoon leader, only my re-roll saved the platoon.
My Battery with only two guns remaining destroys the Chaffee tank and Mark fails the Company moral test. he destroyed one of my platoons but had two other of mine hanging on by their finger nails.