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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Check you Six (2) at 3 Trolls

Ariana is working this Saturday so it was an opportunity to visit 3 Trolls and play some Check you Six.   I commanded a flight of 2 Avengers and 2 Wildcats (one of my favorite World War II air craft.) our mission was to bomb a cargo ship and shoot up as many Japanese  "Mavis" sea planes as possible.
I sent my Bombers with the pack with two Wildcats acting as escorts heading straight into the anchorage.  I deftly maneuvered under the clouds while the Japanese fighters were above them. As I result I managed to avoid getting shot at until I was on top of the ship.  The Wildcats were on the left end of the formation... flying straight at a Mavis that was taking off.
 The Zero float plane and I tried to shoot as we were closing in bullets rip the sky but none land home. and I power past diving to close on the Mavis.
 I close in and one of my Wildcats scores powerful hit but the Mavis just makes its saving throw! (the one time I rolled well all day!) on top of that one of my panes is now out of ammo..
 My second plane scored a light hit... causing it to smoke I am now tailing... if I don't run out of ammo I will eventually get the Mavis. The scenario ended after this turn so... I will tell the the men at the air field I got it!
Lots of bullets and bombs fly about the cargo ship.. we got 4 of 8 hits need to sink no to bad.