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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Start of a new project/returning to an old one.

A few years ago, inspired by Sam Mustafa's fine Maurice game I began working on an Imagi-Nation  the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.  I completed the Ducal army and commanders including some special personalities and we've seen a few battles, some wins, and some losses.
Having recently wrapped up a Civil War campaign and having gotten two Civil War armies nearly completed I need a break from simple blue and gray.  To this end I am expanding the Army of D'Argent.  It might be more accurate to say I am building an alternative army for the Duchy.

The Army that exist right now is primarily the Standing Army of the Duke.  A quick glance at any 18th Century war will show that nations had other "armies."  The British had Provencal Regiment, Fencibles, and Militia. Prussian had the Landwehr and Garrison Regiment, not to mention the Friekorps. France had its Militia and a variety of small formation.  Then there are the armies of Germany and Reich Army.

I hinted at this sort of secondary army with my "Mercenaries" the Chasseurs De Montana and the Chevaliers D'Argent and it is this army I will expand on.  The force will include para-military forces like the Chasseurs (who in peace time are a boarder guard and police force), Noble military contingents and militia units of the cities and towns.   Many of these will be "irregular"units in Maurice terms and others will be amalgams of smaller units that come together in war time a look we have seen with the Chevaliers.
This will help me use some left over figures in my dead lead box and some figures that are sitting around because there were the odd man out during the Great Re-basing project.   As many of these units are the pet projects of Nobles, or expressions of civic pride by the better off citizens of various towns and cities expect to see colorful uniforms and great variety.  We may also see some new Ducal Army units"