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Thursday, August 7, 2014

DVX Britanniarvm Play test (1)

John has been interested in trying this game for a while and while this is not my typical historic period I love all history and most war games so I was very happy to give it a try.
 The terrain and figures all belong to John, the mat is latex and he painted it.
 My Saxon Raiding force... I rolled a 6 so I got 4 turns of movement to get into the village remember pillage then Burn!
 I was more spread out than I really should have been... but I thought John would come in from random direction.. but no every one entered through the village.
 John's troops arrived and wiped out one of my bands of warriors (actual 3 were killed but the rest broke and ran)
 I hit them again but these men ran too... still I had given John some 5 shock markers...
 and then my elite infantry drove them off the table.
 Still I had lost two men...
 Hum... time to fall back and hope the others can find the loot soon!
 I back away trading space for time... John pursues doggedly but one of my bands gets the loot and then its time for me get out of here!  Getting out was a bit tricky.
 Briton missile troops try to cut me off but it didn't work out
I managed just barely to get my men out without further losses. My first victory.. not bad for not having read the rules.  The game was quick and fun.  John and I are going to try one more play test and then embark on the campaign with me in the roll of the Saxon War leader