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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tower Raid, Dux Britanniarvm (2)

John and I met at Hobby Bunker for our second game of Dux Britanniarvm this time we did a tower raid were I as the Saxon was seeking to capture a Briton noble.
My target with his two units of Warriors.
I start off with my Elites on the board (random entry point) and three Warriors off board
John had a bunch of Levies and his Elites at the the fort.
My elites and Johns face off right off
Running the Noble down, darn rive keeps slowing me down.
John tried to charge but his men got stuck in the mud.
I charged in with my elites.  Hard blows are exchanged...
Then I sent in another unit of Warriors
WE managed to drive john off.
Mean while my Lord is over the river and is ready to charge the noble and he has the cards to make the battle decisive... but I didn't roll enough to get in contact ... Whahh Wahh....
John is trying to get across and I am trying to stop him.... 
 My lord, his champion and the elite solder with them make quick work of one Johns Warriors
 I also managed to put John's Elites to route... though my own boys would be broken by missile fire next turn.
 Meanwhile I have moved two units of warriors between John's fort flanking his levies.  (counts for nothing in the scenario but I still felt it was good tactics)
 My unit of Elites with my Lord and Champion attached manages to catch the noble and his warriors at the river but not before John's Lord and Champion join them.  a long battle occurs and the Unit of Warriors is destroy all six killed I lose 3 men. John's Nobles flee before me but I never have the 3:1 advantage in dice to capture the noble (I might have had one chance in the game to do this and my movement dice were too betrayed me)
We call it at this point I could have slaughtered levies but not fast enough to get the Noble. I had the better of the  battle but John denied me the objective of the Raid.