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Monday, September 1, 2014

Surface Battle Group(1)

Chris and I met at the Hobby Bunker Thursday night to try out a modern naval combat game called surface battle group (v3) that Chris was hot to play. Chris had some very sharp looking 1/6k scale ships for us to play with.
This tiny version of the Iowa was on of my favorites of his set (though you won't see it in the battle).  Our game matched a Soviet Attack sub against a US Frigate.  I took the Soviet sub.
Sorry for the green sea... you might see three subs there but only one is real... part of the hidden movement rules.
Chris launched helicopters for ASW Search Chris was able to zero in on the real sub pretty quick but the need to require the sub each turn meant I could sometimes "disappear." 
The game of cat an mouse was on and Chris struck firs with air launched torpedoes.. that I managed to doge.
Chris fired a ship launch torpedo at me but it lost tracking. mine tracked true and despite Chris' and is very cleaver turn away maneuver my shot ran true but didn't strike.
 Chris had reloaded his helicopters and I felt I was running out of time.  I fired two torpedoes at minimum range.
 The first missed but the second landed a hit....
Which left the US frigate sinking and burning..   It was a lot of maneuvering for one shot but that's how sub warfare is.