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Monday, September 29, 2014

Hussar Regiment von Triggs

Baron von Triggs is an old friend of the Duke and has served as his ambassador at large to the Holy Roman Empire. He has served in or with the armies of many of the petty princes in his long career.
The regiment recruits men from around Europe and Baron Triggs seeks out men who can speak the languages of the D'Argent's enemies.   These troopers excel in the scouting and intelligence gathering role of light cavalry.
While the Hussars must still be able to ride their horse well and for long periods as they range ahead of the Army gathering intelligence recruiters for the regiment focus less of size and brute strength an do those of other regiments.  A man who is small of stature but clever and tough can find a home in the Baron's troop.
This regiment carries no colors in part because hussar uniforms vary only a little from one country to another a fact that the poly-lingual regiment had exploited in its intelligence gathering role from time to time.  The regiment functions as Irregular Cavalry for the game Maurice.