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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pagan Priestess

Between the unpacking from the trip, trying to shake a lingering chest cold and the need to do a bunch of car work painting time has been at a premium.  I did manage to snag some on Sunday and a finish up a few projects.
 The Priestess is ready to go I just need a proper base of some sort for her.
 This is a Reaper miniature one of the new "Bones" line and actually is supposed to be an elf wizard but a cloaked and hooded person can stand in for just about anything so she is now a  Saxon Priestess ready to strike fear into my enemies with her knowledge of dark mysteries
 I tried some half remembered shading techniques on her robes and I am reasonably pleased with the results.
 The hood in particular came out well...
 other parts are adequate for the table though they don't necessarily look right examined close up under bright light.