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Monday, April 7, 2014

Testing my Fortified list at the Whiz

I made my way to the Whiz hopping for a game and was almost disappointed but Rob was also looking for a game. So he got to try his new Soviet list and I got to try out my Strum fortified list.
I deployed my fortifications on either side of the small factory town. The mission is no retreat.
Rob sent tanks down both flanks and sent infantry and assault guns down the center. He also had Katyuska rocket trucks in the back as support  Rob was running a Soviet "hero" list from Desperate Measures and it was his first crack at this list. 
My observers report soviets but not in the strength we have come to expect, these can move an shoot better than some we have faced but... 
Long Range fire from my two 8.8 gets two early hits Rob makes his platoon moral check bu this is turn 1 and I don't ever remember provoking such a check on the Soviets this early on in a game.
I also got a bailed out from one of my Pak40s against the other T-34/85 platoon
Rob did manage to nail my the Pak40 attached to this platoon....
And his infantry are closing in... this is the moment of greatest danger but... a skillful combination of fire form Mortars, HMGs and infantry fire wipes out his infantery (they broke moral and ran.
Rob Got my other Pak40 but one of my 8.8s took out another assault gun and the platoon broke and ran leaving Rob with only two platoons.  One of his platoons was the Katyuskas who I had kept neutralized by smoking their observer.  Rob might have launched a desperate assault on the objective at the top but he considered it futile so we called the game. 

Rob played a good game but had terrible luck with the dice and was unfamiliar with his list.  I'm not impressed by my first encounter with a Soviet "Hero" force.  It seams too small at 1500 points Rob did take only T34/85 and took air (which got one infantry gun and a heavy mortar that played little roll in the game) so he has some points to play with.  I personally have always found fearless lists less effective than confident lists though I can fully understand wanting to get rid of Hen-and-Chicks but Quantity is the Soviet game in Flames of war and this list seemed to lake the vital Quality of Quantity.