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Friday, April 4, 2014

1st Battle of 1863 4th battle of the Hobby Bunker Campaign

Our Latest game was the clear the wood line scenario it need a lot of trees but I had enough since I remember to bring my other trees.  They don't look as good as the ones I got from Rich but... they'll do
I won the scouting roll and elected to defend John place the objective on the right and I deployed my long range guns, the 3rd Arkansas(5 stands Seasoned Vets with sharp shooters) and the 17th and 18th Georgia (both with 6 sands and seasoned vest and Eager recruits respectively) I put the howitzers forward on the hill so they would get as many opportunities to fire as possible despite their short range.

John advanced on a broad front forcing me to defend all along the wood line. (Note the Louisiana Tigers were my reserve)
Turn 1 I fired a devastating barrage scoring many hits but didn't confirm a single kill...
John's attack on my right is lead by his large (9 base) cavalry regiment.  I got in some early hits on the 1st Massachusetts dropping them to 4 basis with artillery fire
John's small cavalry is moving in for a swipe at my Howitzers so pull them up and send the Texans forward to support them. This sector looks a bit thin so the Texas lancers move up to support.
John is bringing his cavalry in to position He get a hit on my Palmetto Artillery destroying a Light Rifle and the next turn...
He charges and due to my use of the Couldn't hit an elephant card followed by the Old Rivals card They spend 3 turns taking grape shots and rifle fire.
On his next turn John make a very clever more and send them through a gap into the woods. I have to adjust to this but his use of the Trackless card limits my ability to do this.  Then on his turn he launches massive charge at...

My right..
My center...
my left...
and at my reserves in the woods. John scores two epic points and worse yet I failed reshuffle on my previous turn I have to spend many cards to soak up damage but have only two in my hand at the start of my turn.  I do what I can to adjust but an entire game of good tactical play has been erased by a single blunder.
John uses the move out card on his turn to move his men on to the objective.  the game is very close I am one stand from john being able to check. at the start of John's turn I play the Confederate local assistance and pull two of Johns card... He still launches an attack but I drive it back earning an epic point (I believe he earned one as well)
Having turned back the charge...
I was able to break Johns cavalry and retake the objective John's army has fought past its shatter point now and I got my 4th win of the campaign.  Epic points are in a dead heat at this point.... I may be to careful a player to really rack up the epic points.  John and I are both loving the campaign keep your eye out for my post battle report here is a hit my boys finally saw some Elephants!