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Thursday, April 10, 2014

D'Argent Space Navy

These are some Honor Harrington Ships I found on eBay.  I'm calling them the D'Artgent Space Navy's 1st Anti-Piracy Squadron. I consts of 1 Battle Cruiser (center) 2 Heavy Cruisers and 3 Light Cruisers. I went with Dark German Gray from my Valejo pait set and used Red to give them some color.  Honor Harrington universe (Honorverse) see space ships as being much like the old sailing warships. I think the paint job reflects that.
Heavy Cruiser of the Star-Knight Class
Battle Cruiser of the Nike Class with a light Cruiser escort.   I don't know that I will ever play the Honor Harrington star ship War game but I think these will work well in a Full Thrust fleet of some sort they are  bit small to work with Fire Storm Armada on the whole.  I figure at some time in the distance future the Rulers of D'Argent got sick of being a small fish in the small pond of European Politics and left earth behind to found their own Star Nation.  I figure its probably some were on the boards of the Sielisian Confederacy and is probably Allied with Manticore I might develop this latter or I might not. More pictures area posted on Facebook.