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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Post battle (4) hey look Elephants!

Seeing the Elephant at long last. 
I suffered relatively few casualties in the battle, seven bases in all, but post battle reduction hit hard. The 1st Texas, 5th Texas, 3rd Arkansas and Hampton's Legion were all reduced to 2 stands.

I got the bounty card and used it to restore the 3rd Arkansas to a strength of 5 strands.

An artillery card provided me with a new heavy rifle for the Palmetto artillery and a light rifle was added to the Bath artillery.

I had the good luck to pull the Rebel Cavaliers card so the 1st South Carolina cavalry will join my army as Eager Veterans and as strength of 8 basses.

Finally I managed draw a see the elephant card three of them in fact.  I used these promote the Louisiana Tigers and the 20th Georgia to veterans. The last card was a though call but in the end I promoted the 5th Texas and I will probably break them up to increase the size of one or two of the other veteran units.