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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One year after the Boston Marathon Bombing

One year ago today a pair of brothers set off two Bombs near the finish line of the Boston marathon.
I had family running that day who never finished the race (they are running again this year).  Thankfully they where a mile or more short of finishing the race.  My parents had planned to go into Boston that day but thankfully didn't.  I won't claim I was an avid fan/follower of the marathon, honestly it was mostly a day to stay out of Boston to me.  Despite that I felt these attacks were very personal.  It was hours before I knew everyone was safe and the week that followed was difficult as we wondered if there would be more strikes until the two responsible were caught but not before killing a Police officer, Sean Collier from Wilmington MA my girlfriend's home town, and holding a city in lock-down for most of a day.
These flags flew from the tower of the Old South Church near the marathon finish line in the weeks following the bombing.  They had been put up as a show of support and solidarity to the runners and could not be removed after the bombing as the church was in the cordoned off area for the investigation. The were subject to the damage of wind and weather and while tattered and torn are still here now as a memorial, its a good a symbol of Boston as any.

Take some time today to think about the victims, the first responders and the ordinary people who saved lives that day one year ago. Thanks for reading we'll get back to the gaming and other fun stuff soon.