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Monday, April 14, 2014

Marching into Pennsylvania

Thursday is targeted as our Middle Battle of 1863 that means Gettysburg to me or at least the equivalent campaign in this alternative American Civil War.

The army has continued to evolve and change. The original Texan Regiments are all but gone in fact after this battle is probably they will all be gone. The First Texas will certainly be gone since as recruits it will lose at least one stand in the reduction phase so even if they make it though with out harm they will disband.  I plan to see if I can find one last target worthy of a desperate charge for them to die against.

I plan to use the troops of the 5th Texas to strengthen other Veteran units under the Provisional regiment rule.  Its too bad I cannot preserve one of these units but c'est la guerre as my French ancestors would say.  Lets take a moment to morn the imminent passing of the Texas Brigade.

Finally the Texas Lancers with 4 stands left might make it through this battle but I would say the odds are against them even if they do... 3 stands is the largest they can be with out reinforcements.

On the Bright side Carriere's Division is doing fine as a whole. After last game I got a promotion to Lt. General but as there are no slots currently available in the Army of Northern Virginia I have graciously remained in command of a division under Longstreet.

I have 4 Veteran regiments of infantry under my command all with 5 stands, two with "eager" and two with "seasoned" Elan.  I'll use the 5th Texas to bump tow of them up to 6.  The 3rd Arkansas is now a veteran of many battle and their sharpshooters gave a especially good account of themselves in the last battle.
The Louisianian Tigers have earned a promotion to Veteran and are proving as hard hitting as their historic counter part.

My Two new Georgia Regiments are a welcome addition and while only lightly engaged last time are now both Veterans.

I have also added the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry via the "Rebel Cavaliers" card a powerful reinforcement. My other two Cavalry regiments are small but I have 14 stands of Cavalry to throw around.

Artillery is the true surprise as I have a 7 to 4 advantage in guns over John all of his guns are Rifles so we are even in that category.  Two of my guns are old howitzers useful guns but limited in range but until I get an abundance of artillery cards or loses them in battle I will keep them in action.

You can check out John's army below.
Our planned battle is the Cornfield scenario which I would like to rename the wheat field in honor of that portion of the Gettysburg battle field.