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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

French from John

A little bit ago John my Yankee counter part in the Longstreet Campaign and host of his own blog Fuentes de Onoro had a number of 28mm Plastic French that he didn't need/want any more. I was willing to take them.  Some of them were already painted and enough of those were in good enough shape to make new unit for Black Powder.
The 4 main stands fit well enough together uniform wise.  Granted they are not a perfect match but by 1814 uniform regulations were something as "goal to be striven for rather ant a relativity to attained"
The Figures are a mix of Perry an Vitrix plastic figures with some lead officers and musicians thrown in.
John gets all the credit for painting, he is a much better painter in this scale than I am.
they figures also had some basic work done on the bases to which I added flock, and leaves.
I like this office in the act of drawing his sword a great deal its one of the lead figures I mentioned I think its a Perry but I do not know for sure.
The Boys are off to defend Paris at Huzzah! I cannot make it Sunday this year but my troops will be there.  I did a swap with Rich Clayton for most of the other untainted figures for some 15mm Civil war figures.