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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Longstreet cards (3) Miscellaneous battle field effects

If you missed the Mexican War you probably spent your army career fighting Native Americans. This is good because it forced you to become a n expert on reconnaissance. This is a a good card because it make it more likely you'll win the scouting roll letting you choose if you want to attack or defend.  
Robert E. Lee was an Engineer himself so this almost has to be a good choice right?  It is as you add an extra piece of terrain either a set of breast works to cover some of your men or an all important bridge over a river.  It also helps your men dig in (something neither John or I have done) but it might be the difference between victory and defeat. This card would not be my first choice in a one on one campaign like John and I are doing but if your doing multi-player games the Engineering Officer is definitely a man I want on my side. 
When I first got the card set I really discounted the value of this card but now I think its one of the best cards you could pick. First your risk is reduced by 1/3 and the most you can lose from risk is 2 cards!  That is a great deal especially with Mexican War Hero or Foreign Service cards. The biggest advantage to this card is it will save you about a turn per game as your opponent will not be able to us "Couldn't hit an Elephant..." card saving you 1-6 cards and your freedom of action in the turn your opponent would use it.