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Friday, April 25, 2014

Longstreet cards (4) Campaign effects

History is full of generals who contribute to victory more by their action before (or after) the day of battle then on the day of battle. We've already review two of these Friend in the State Hose and Political savvy there is a tendency in looking at the Civil War to scoff at "political generals" like Butler or Banks.  We tend to forget that Grant and Sherman had political connections and used them.  For that matter Robert E. Lee appointment to command of the Army of Northern Virginia was due at least as much his close relationship to CS President Davis as to his Military record up to that point.  Don't avoid these card for fear of getting labeled a political general.

Wealthy is a great card because it gives you a free Epic Point each game that is not insignificant if winning the campaign is important to you.  To put this in perspective if John or I had this card the man with it would be leading in our campaign by a margin of 29 to 25. This card also means your Cavalry do not suffer the automatic 1 base loss other recruits are subject too.   If your looking to build a cavalry brigade this card is a must in my opinion.
This card is for Yankees only, not surprising as southern abolitionist were a pretty rare breed.  This is a tricky card to analyze.  One must balance the fact that for the first four battles of the campaign it does nothing for you!  Starting in the replacement phase following the 1st battle of 1863 benefits kick in as you can choose to recruit a "Colored Regiment" and what's more it will interact with the rest of your force with out penalty.  Every other union commander can only get "colored" troops by drawing a card in the post battle phase and even if he does it will complicate his command situation (until 1865).  "Colored" troops are significant because from 1863 and beyond they are the only troops that come in with an Eager elan. This is a significant benefit and I think this is a good second card for a Union player... its perhaps the best card a Yankee can pull at random when he gets the "valuable experience" campaign card.

I would love feed back on any of these assessments especially from players who have used them in a Campaign.