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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hobby Bunker Campaign (5) Battle of The Wheat fields

John an I met again at the Hobby Bunker to play out the Cornfield scenario from the book which I have renamed the Wheat Field as this is the middle battle of 1863 which means Gettysburg to me.  I won the scouting roll (actually we tied but ties go to the Confederate player) and I elected to attack both because I felt it was the right thing to do from a role-playing stand point and because I needed to rack up some epic points.

 This scenario require the attacker to set up first so I did a classic cavalry on the wings, infantry in the center set up with the weight being more to the wings.
John put his main strength on my right put 3 regiments in the center and had one realy large regiment and a to the left of of the central fields. Above is the position after two turn of manuver.
I froze the Zouaves with old Rivals hoping I might be able to clip them in a charge on the following turn.
John was to careful for that to happen however bringing his horse up to defend. John in fact hit me with an attack of his own throwing back the 20th Georgia. After a turn of maneuver to set things up... 
I hit John with They couldn't hit an elephant and he rolled a 5...
I launched a Powerful charge(over 20 stands) modified with Rebel Yell...
I was victorious across the field savaging of Johns regiments and sending them stumbling back through the fields of wheat 
The 20th Georgia gamed a hero(so did the 17th in a latter action)
John would launch another desperate charge for Epic points that mostly ran up his casualty score but did net him a pair of epic points.   The 1st Texas gained on last moment of Glory taking the objective. John lost 19 stands total in the battle (including two guns to counter battery fire) while I lost 3 stands it was a terribly lopsided victory for the CSA. I had very good luck having the right cards at the right moments while John had poor luck in this regard. John's dice were also quite bad on this night.  Of Course after the Wheat field my men had to try an storm Little Round top and Cemetery ridge and we all know that didn't go well (in the post battle reduction I lost 13 stands and had 3 units reduced to the point they were broken up).  I earned 6 epic points in this game and John earned 5 so we are all tied up a the mid point with 25 Epic points each.