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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Re-purposing old tools for new Wargames

War gamers are pack rats and tinkerers by nature so we love finding a way to re-purpose an old tool. Such as my old 2nd edition Flames of War range finder.
As the measurements just happen to match most of those I need for how I base Longstreet (1 Base width = 1 Inch) I blued out the movement information in the center and decorated it with the Confederate battle flag.

you'll have to expand the picture to really see the numbers but the distance across the top edge is 4 inches Infantry movement in linear formation. The Edge on the left is 1 inch the distance from combat a unit must be to be engaged. Along the bottom edge is 6 inches the movement of limbered artillery as well as Musket and canister range. The bottom edge plus the right edge is 8 inches Cavalry movement in in linear formation.
After our last game I realized that while my diorama objectives are lovely they have some serious practical limitations in the game.  Specifically troops need to be able to stand on them and they cannot.  So I made some new objective markers that can lay flat.