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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DBA Monday (1)

I met with Maureen for some Games of DBA we did two battle in the First I commanded an army of Italian Greeks against Campanian force. All the troops belong to Maureen and were painted by her.   Infantry face each other across the valley.
 My light cavalry launches a sweeping flank move...
 While the infantry advances into the valley.
 Maureen counters with her cavalry...
 I get a hard flank right off but...
 in an early indication of how the day will go I loose a battle the odds say I should win..
 The axuilla advance on my flank...
 and are soon chewing on my flank as Campanian cavalry continues to chase my cavalry
 I've lost 3 base (1 Hoplite and two Light cavalry) and my formation is in tatters but there is nothing for it but to charge
 The charge fails... I lose and we switch sides.
 Maureen advances on my flank with light cavalry.
 I take  a strong defensive position my Campanian Hoplites flanked by Auxilla.
 Seeing a chance to Hit an "isolated" Greek hoplite I take it  but fail to break through
 There are then several turns that look more or less like this as both of us advance an retreat neither gaining a decisive advantage.

 I begin to make head way on the left as  Maureen makes advances on the right both of us are down 3 stands.
Finally I gain what look like a decisive advantage! but my dice fail me and I loose the combat and a stand losing the second game as well.