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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Post Battle Process (5)

Well the assault on the Wheat field went as well as any one could have hoped for Confederates.  I fact it probably went far better than did historically.  I presumes that this probably means the fight on Little Round Top was a little more desperate but some one on the Yankee side, maybe John rallied the last survivors of his brigade on the other side of the ridge and brought them back just in time. Its quite probable that General Carriere and others were wounded in the course of the assault leading to a lack of coordination fatal to the confederate cause. Regardless there was no great victory at Gettysburg for the Confederacy so sorry alternate history fans the war goes on its historic course.

As mentioned in my previous report I lost heavily in the post battle process but that mostly burned away the last of my recruits the loss of the extra cavalry will be missed. Robert E. Lee paid a personal visit to the 17th Georgia (Hail to the Chief) giving them a story they will tell their grandchildren and raising their Elan to Eager. I got a bunch of artillery cards which I used to build a new battery Pulaski Artillery and replace the guns of the 1st Texas Artillery (the last of my original army) I also got a new Heavy Rifle for the Palmetto Artillery.
I used my last two cards to bring the Louisiana Tigers and 20th Georgia up to 5 stands each.   I have new regiment of recruits from Alabama.  I now have a lot of powerful artillery probably more than John but he has all the artillery modifying cards.