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Monday, February 29, 2016

Challenge entry 'Nautical' from AdamC - 'Captain John Silver'

It's Challenge bonus entry time this time the theam is "Nautical" you can see all the entries here: http://analogue-hobbies-theme-rounds.blogspot.ca/ or you can just go and vote here

Every year for Huzzah the organisers pick a theme and ask clubs and individual players to paint figures for the game. Its a good deal, they get figures for the game and after we get to keep them. This year the theme is Pirates.
This is my pirate Captain Named John Silver he's clearly inspired by Long John Silver of the famous novel Treasure Island. He may have on leg but he's got a quick mind and gets around fine. He's also quite a snappy dresser with his three plumed hat.
I decided to make his parrot an African Gray in part because I have always like their look better than the more typical green fellows you normally see with pirates.
Another look at the Parrot their under side and face are a lighter gray and their beaks are black. I gave John gold lace on his hat and pockets. I also made his buttons gold as well, clearly he;'s successful pirate.
For colors I was inspired by the Disney Treasure Island look but made it a bit higher class as this guy is a captain not a cook. I don't know who mad the figure as I didn't buy it but got it free (other than having to lend it back to the convention organizers for a few days) making it the best sort of figure.