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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dragon Rampant: River of Doom

So this is a variation on the Plane of Doom scenario.  Mike and Frank (though Frank bowed out when it was time for X-wing to start) commanded the "Northmen" army list while Dave and I commanded the Necromancer list
 As you can see there is a river running through the center of the board really its more of a good sized stream difficult going except at the fords.
 The Banshees(Green) are scouts and the wraiths (black) are Heavy cavalry
 The Northmen's' heavy riders advance..
 As does the rest of their right wing except for the bellicose foot.  The Undead are having a hard time getting there men in motion.
 Out riders advance on the ford to the left.
 The Northmen are over the river on the right...
 Skeletons are quickly battered down
 Only one still stands
 Dave has the necromancer snip the Northmen leader.
 The Banshees Shoot the Berserkers and send them running (bad Roll by Frank) The Wraiths strike the Heavy cavalry and drive them back.
 The dead are holding the right wing.
 The Northmen are pressing in on the left...
 and battling in the center were the elite Cultist battle the Northmen leader
 The out riders flee from the Ghouls!
 Cultists continue to repel attackers
 The berserkers damage the Wraiths badly but fail their courage and break off.
 The dead are pressing forward on the left and have held the center and though battered the Wraiths are now free on the right  Missile fire takes down the leader of the Northmen and their archers fail their courage test
 The Ghouls have pressed over the river...
 And take the bondi in the flank...
 Driving them back
 The Northmen in the center now alone begin to withdraw.
 The wraiths charge the archer I inflict only one casualty but because wraiths inflict fear the unit routs with Mike rolls a 2 which is a 0 as the unit lost 1 man and another -1 from fear.  My wraiths are gone but Mikes army is thrown in to confusion as each unit mus check as they have only 4 units
Two more units fail, one routs and one is battered and Mike gives up the game.  The Dead have won