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Monday, February 8, 2016

Arms and Armor at the Metroplitain museam

A few Weeks go I had the chance to make it to New York City and spent some time in the Metropolitan Museum checking out their impressive collection of arms and armor.  Some images are below and you can see the full collection on face book here: Met Armor collection

This first set are several swords form the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.

These are some Brigandine armor, plates riveted to cloth sort of a poor mans plate armor.

Below are images of the internal plates of the armor.
A two handed sword, a much more elegant weapon than many would believe.

Some later period armor, I believe these are pieces are from the 15th to 17th century

Clearly the armor of a well of warrior.

This suite belonged to Henery the VIII probably made for his last campaign in 1544 or so.
and 18th century European hunting sword.
Armor from India
and armor form Japan.
This last one was a favorite as I fence with the small sword at renactments.

Once again you can see lots more stuff here: Met armor Album