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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Challenger Entry: Two and Two-Thirds Tercio

These are 10mm figures form Warmonger Miniatures a local company in Worcester MA that I supported via the Kickstarter they have a small line of landsknecht troops. There are 60 Pikemen and 60 arquebusiers.
The Front two stands each with 20 Arquebusiers are in gray and red...
They are painted to match a unit of Pikemen I painted a few years ago.
The second groups is 30 Pike men in brown with orange in the slashes typical of the landsknecht uniforms.
The two sleeves of arquebusiers are in matching uniforms.
As above.
Rear view of the pikemen
One of the things I love about this set is the musician is a fiefer not a drummer.
Here we have the last group another 30 pikemen in golden brown and with blue in the slashes
Hear are the two sleeves of arquebusiers are show form the rear since you saw the other guys from the front.
Rear of the pike men, the flags are hand painted. This isn't my best work but it is only the second time I have worked in this scale and the detail on these small figures is impressive, I think they have more detail then many 15mm figures. I think I might need to give them a wash I can't recall if I did or not with the last set or note. Any way please check out Warmonger they have great products. Also a pack of 30 arquebusiers are available on my blog as a part of my 1000 post giveaway