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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Challenge Entry: Monsters for the Hunt

Here we have a pack of creature for Chris Rett's Monster hunt game at Huzzah! With an Artisan Viking 25mm for comparison

Here is a close up of the biggest guys with the comparison. These are an unknown manufacturer but they are fine figures that should be good prizes.


First is the Naga a nasty snake faced man sometimes with magical powers


I went with a striped patter to keep it simple. 


A ghost I when with back and light blue gray this time.


I think he came out pretty well.

I'm not sure what these guys are they are small but I think they are still roughly 25mm scale.


They could make a good scout or spy type unit

Scorpion in shiny black. Indian Jones told us that that bigger is better with scorpions but I think he would say this one is too big!


I used a little red in the "veins"


Here is a close up to see the red.


Giant Ape, there is actually a better contrast than my picture captures here. You will have have to take my word I guess.


I am happy with how his silver back came out.


Yon can see the side view here its a great pose.


Two Skeleton archers


and the back view of the same.


A manticore both back and front


I think the lion body came out well I am less pleased with

And now we have a second Dragon. I went green this time.


I used two shades of green and a block wash


The spines teeth and red mouth really pop


Finally an Ogre a nasty brute


A very nasty customer, his breeches need a lot of patching and a good wash, so does he.

For cheep plastic figures there is a lot of detail.